About the company

I never lived in the modern day! As a child I loved watching old movies and the ‘pretty ladies’ of the silver screen and as a teenager I was drawn to the fashions and culture of the 50s. Told I would ‘grow out of it’, this was never to be, moving even further away from the modern world as I later discovered the glamour of the 1940s. Then I met my alter ego Miss Bamboo....

Miss Bamboo lives and breathes the 40s and 50s and her online boutique represents her particular love of glamorous American and Pacific fashions. Miss Bamboo's house and airstream also reflects her passion for 1950s American, Pacific and Tiki style and can be hired for photoshoots or filming, see gallery for pictures.

Miss Bamboo takes you on a journey across the Pacific, from America, down to Mexico, Hawaii and the Asian Pacific Coast, bringing you the best quality 40s/50s reproduction clothing.

Miss Bamboo is pleased to bring you top brands from the USA including Trashy Diva, Bernie Dexter clothing and Tatyana, saving you the cost of international shipping, import tax and fees as well as more difficult returns. Miss Bamboo also stocks her own in house 'Miss Bamboo' label proudly made in limited edition numbers in the UK, giving you quality at affordable prices.

On these pages you will find a wide range of beautiful 1940s & 1950s style dresses from America and the Pacific for vintage glamour without the rationing! Miss Bamboo also stocks a range of gorgeous 1940s/50s skirts, tops and other accessories such as bags, fans and bamboo parasols.

Think World War II, GIs and servicemen at your beck and call, (I have my own GI, Preston, aka Big Bamboo, who still requires a little more training!) Tropical, Tiki, Mexican and Exotic South Asian Pin Ups. Holidaying in the Pacific in the golden age of travel. Hawaiian and Tiki nights at your 40s and rockabilly weekenders.

I hope you too, will love Miss Bamboo!