Vintage Nautical Style

A fabulous selection of vintage nautical style clothing including 1940s sailor blouses, 1940s nautical dresses, 1950s sailor dresses, sea and ocean themed novelty prints.
1940s nautical sailor suit - 'Come Sail With Me'
1940s nautical sailor suit
'Come Sail With Me' by Miss Bamboo
55.00 GBP
(-45.00%) 30.25 GBP
Seamstress of Bloomsbury Bonnie Blouse in Red
Bonnie blouse in red 
Seamstress of Bloomsbury
38.00 GBP
Bonnie Blouse in cream - 1940s nautical style
Bonnie Blouse
1940s sailor style in cream
38.00 GBP
Tatyana Deep Water vintage nautical style dress
Tatyana Deep Water Dress
vintage nautical style
85.00 GBP
Tatyana Captain Dress - Navy flared Nautical
Tatyana Captain Dress
Navy circle dress

95.00 GBP
(-35.00%) 61.75 GBP
Big Bow  Dress - Tatyana
Big Bow Dress
size xs

95.00 GBP
(-45.00%) 52.25 GBP